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Serge Anton, the photographer who makes human wisdom visible - La Libre.be. The old, mysterious faces, warped and waned by the touch of time, the wrinkles on a skin that's been frayed by years of sunlight and the serene, enigmatic gazes are enchanting, poetic and reminiscent of faraway corners of the world. - Nicola Giovannini. Serge Anton, internationally renowned fashion and interior design photographer, proudly presents his collection of portraits in Faces. Intriguing black and white portraits - from Africa, all the way to Asia - this is a beautifully designed book with an imprinted textile cover. Serge Anton has spent the last 30 years travelling the world. Faces collects the faces with character he photographed during his countless travels in Africa and Asia. His portraits tell wordless stories, as they reveal a certain resemblance in the exotic faces of faraway cultures. The details in their eyes, the light sifting through the black-and-white images, the wrinkles that seem to reflect the wisdom of lifetimes. Serge Anton's portraits adorn many modern and bohemian restaurants and hotels around the world.


Terra - Lannoo, Uitgeverij

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